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You know you can rely on Affordable Moving & Storage for low-cost small local moves, but did you know that we provide affordable long distance moving too? Based in New Jersey, we offer one on one direct service to destinations within a 500-mile radius. Our area of expertise includes the East Coast, including all destinations between Maine and the Carolinas; as well as Boston, Washington and all points in between. Our same or next day service ensures you and your belongings arrive there quickly.

Removing the Stress of Long Distance Moving

We all know that moving is rated as one of life’s most stressful events. It’s even harder when you’re leaving your familiar surroundings completely and relocating to a different city or state. Besides saying goodbye to colleagues, friends and family, you have to arrange alternative accommodation or office space, pack, and handle the logistics of a major move.

That’s why it’s crucial to find an experienced, reliable long distance moving company to give you peace of mind. Affordable Moving & Storage is committed to handling your long distance move with the same care, expertise and personal attention you’ve come to expect for local moves. The distance may be greater, but the stress doesn’t have to be!

Affordable Advantages for Long Distance Moves

It’s recommended to obtain quotes from at least three movers. Check their reviews and testimonials carefully and ensure they have extensive long distance moving experience. Rushing to select a mover may alleviate short term stress, but the long term consequences can be disastrous. When you compare Affordable Moving & Storage with other long distance and interstate moving companies, you’ll notice that:

  • Our team consists of experienced trained professionals - we don’t use casual labour. You’ll see the same friendly, familiar faces who packed your possessions unpacking them at your destination. Unfortunately, this isn't standard with all low cost movers.
  •  We use late model equipment and trucks to handle your belongings carefully and avoid delays.
  •  Affordable Moving & Storage provides honest estimates at affordable rates with no surprises. Beware of companies that charge by the cubic foot.
  • We understand that you want to move quickly and not wait for your belongings on the other end. Most major van lines offer a 2 to 18 day delivery window -ours is the same or next day.Plus, we don’t charge extra for this expedited service.
  •   We offer a full range of services at affordable prices including packing and unpacking, residential and commercial moving, and short term and long term storage. You can delegate your whole move to us, freeing you up to concentrate on other things.
  • Our specialties include piano and antique moving so your precious possessions arrive intact.
  • Because we aren't associated with a major van line, when you select Affordable Moving & Storage you can expect our trucks, our movers and our reputation. We have complete control over the quality of the service we provide throughout the duration of the moving process.

Long Distance Moves Don’t Have to Take Longer.

Commercial Long Distance and Interstate Moving

Don’t want to disrupt business? As your local moving company with a reputation to uphold, we understand. Unlike many long distance or interstate moving companies, Affordable Moving & Storage offers weekend pick up and delivery service at no additional charge. Our one on one direct service ensures you can resume business quickly with your equipment and furniture intact. We also have extensive knowledge of downtown and business areas within a 500 mile radius to ensure smooth delivery and set up.

Residential Long Distance and Interstate Moving

Maybe your children are moving to a new school or you’re packing up your elderly parent’s household in another state and have to be back at work on Monday. Affordable Moving & Storage partners with you to ensure your long distance and interstate moves are fast and hassle free. We know how unsettling moves are for the elderly, children and pets. You can attend to these important household members while we attend to your move.  As your local small move specialists based in New Jersey, we have extensive knowledge of the apartment complexes, suburbs and 55+ communities within a 500 mile radius.

Call on us for low cost small moves too.  Have you decided that you’d like a piece of equipment or any of your office furnishings rearranged? Changed your mind about a sofa and want it moved to your basement? Affordable Moving & Storage can handle these small moves quickly and economically.

Remember: Choose local.

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