Affordable Moving & Storage, We Specialize in Small Moves


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Affordable Moving & Storage, We Specialize in Small Moves
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When it’s time for a small move for your home or business, it may be tempting to do it yourself. Using a local small mover like Affordable Moving & Storage for small moving jobs can save you time, money, and your back!

The Advantages of Using “Small Moves Specialists” Like Us

  • We’re local.  As local small movers, we focus on New Jersey and the surrounding areas, and can complete several small moves per day. We also have in-depth knowledge of New York and New Jersey’s residential areas, including apartment complexes, suburbs, and 55+ communities.
  • We work on your schedule. It may be tempting to recruit your friends with promises of post-move pizza and drinks. You’ll be limited to their availability, however. You’ll also be stuck cross-referencing work and weekend schedules to make it happen if you need more than one person. 
  • We have experience.  We have the knowledge and resources to protect your items and ensure that the walls, floors, and doorways of your new place are not damaged.
  • We are professionals.  We’re ready to do the heavy lifting for you. We can quickly assess the best way to move even the heaviest items. Your buddies from work might be willing to haul a couch up the stairs, but what if it doesn’t fit? Can they safely hoist your sofa through a second-story window? We can!

We Can Help

  • Small Residential Moves.  Whether moving the contents of an apartment or just a few items within your residence, you can rely on Affordable Moving & Storage. We are small movers who can safely relocate all your belongings, no matter how fragile, heavy, or difficult to maneuver. 
  • Small Business Moves.  We aim to help you move your small business with minimum disruption to your work. From copiers and medical equipment to cubicles and filing systems, we have you covered. 
  • Other Small Moves.  Even if you only need a single item moved, we’re available to help. We can safely move pianos, refrigerators, gun safes, exercise equipment, and numerous other items. Need a room rearranged for staging or selling your home? Call us. 

Call Affordable Moving & Storage, the Small Move Specialists

Are there any small movers near me who will help me in a small home or business-related move?  You can stop wondering and contact us for a free moving quote.  

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